Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello :) This is the first official post of my un-official blog opening that will restart my entire blog. So, basically, my blog
These are just some pictures of some studded pieces I like. Studs make any outfit look bold and edgy! I'm loving studs right now so don't be afraid to add them to your Christmas wishlists. Merry-early-Christmas!
*P.S. I got all of these images from google and bing. I don't own these photos.*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I just went from 110 posts to 27!

Okay, I am feeling a sense of regret mixed with relief. All but two of the what felt like zillions of polyvore sets on my blog are gone! My blog has only 27 posts left and the dates are probably so far a part it would make any fashion blogger cry. I am going to start fresh now though. I promise. I was going to delete my blog entirely, but I decided not to give up on myself just yet. I hope my readers (all two of them) don't stop watching my blog for updates though and ONLY regular posts at that. I can't believe it. I'm still it "I can't belive I just deleted that" shock.
P.S. if you actually want to see my sets on polyvore my account name if you didn't see it in the previous post is

Some more lookbook looks I love!
Hey readers!
I haven't really updated a lot lately other than polyvore stuff (which I'm considering deleting from my blog completely, if I do the link to my polyvore account is anyway, well I hope you guys are having a great week or day or year, which ever one you want. I'm really tired because of school, and sports, and all my extra-curriculars so, Bye!
P.S. I took these pictures on my phone, hence the iPhone things in the pictures. Haha